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In Full Circle by Al Thompson

By Al Thompson



Model – Morgan Hollis @ Major NY
Stylist – Sophia Bonny
Stylist Assistant – Ienday Snipes
MUA/Hair – Jessica Paladino
Photography Assistant – Jon Headlee
Graphics – OLM


Al Thompson is a Jamaican photographer who now lives in New York, besides being a Photographer he also works as a Creative Director.

Could you tell us about yourself, your career path and how your interest for photography began?

I started out as a graphic artist working within the field in ’05.  I immediately made the step up to photography a year and a half later.  That time I started assisting on various shoots, campaigns as well as traveling.  I began shooting portraiture, lifestyle and some fashion on my own.  I eventually made the step up to concentrating on a variety of industries including travel and high-level events.

Having a wide knowledge in design I started exercising a more leadership role as both a Creative and Art Director with Photography as a huge arsenal.

Most of my current focus is being on call for a variety of assignments nationally.

Besides photography, what other activities do you enjoy to do on your free time?

I sometimes stretch my mind by painting and drawing.  Sometimes the smarter thing to do is to take a step back and visit another perspective.

AlThompson02_HYDE_002Dress: Cynthia Rowley, Flower Headband: H&M x Coachella

How do you prepare your shoots/concepts, could you walk us through your ritual?

If it’s a fashion editorial I’ll pretty much talk it over with my stylist.  We then plan a storyboard by adding visuals.  Depending on the magazine production we would then scout a location based on concept.  Myself as well as my assistant would then establish contact with other potential team members including model.

Can you tell us a bit about your most important influences?

I like Guy Aroch.  I find my fashion style quite similar to his in some respects.  I also enjoy the candid approach by Will Davidson.  His black and whites are something else to witness.

AlThompson02_HYDE_005Dress: Alicia Reina

AlThompson02_HYDE_008Top: Alicia Reina, Shorts: Alicia Reina 

AlThompson02_HYDE_009Top: 827 Boutique

What kind of music do you listen to?

Music is important to me both on and off shoots.  Radiohead and Massive Attack are both favorites of mine.  I also love me a little bit of Bob Marley.  He oozes cool and positivity.

What is the most interesting part of being a photographer or visual artist?


AlThompson02_HYDE_003Dress: Cynthia Rowley, Flower Headband: H&M x Coachella

AlThompson02_HYDE_012Top: WHIT, Shorts: 337 Brand, Bag: Tusk, Sneakers: Converse

What would be your ideal or dream project?

Since the death [drowning] of my brother just two days shy of my birthday in 2014 I started to embrace the water a lot more.  In some form or another I would love to include water as a signature of my shoots. Depends on magazine budget, I can see myself shooting on a yatch.  The idea of feeling the wind splashing across my face while shooting…


Al Thompson
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Morgan Hollis



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