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A talk with Kirstie Fleck from IS TROPICAL


Kirstie Fleck / IS TROPICAL



Why did you decide to join IS TROPICAL, and what were you doing before that?

I moved to London to study fine art in 2007 but in my first 2 weeks I met Gary and Simon and my whole plans changed, I went back to their squat at the time which was an old toilet factory, it was huge and crazy! After going to crazy parties and meeting some really cool people I dropped out of my art degree. I had spent years driving the boys around to their gigs. Most of the time in a car way too small to carry all of us and the equipment, and probably illegal. After singing on Dancing Anymore there still wasn’t really a conversation about me being in the band, I would just fly out to the shows I could get to and sing Dancing Anymore. It was only when it came to the plans for Black Anything that some of the song writing was tailored to my voice so then it seemed like a very natural thing to happen, but I never imagined being in the band.


What is your inspiration when you create a song?

I’m not a song writer so the credit for that must go to the boys. Having said that there have been times when I have just started playing a ridiculous terrible riff on the synth and the boys have ended up using it in the tracks much to my bemusement. When we have been recording Luke Smith always encourages us to get into the track by using funny analogies or putting us in strange situations. Dom was doing a drum take once and wasn’t quite feeling it so Luke made him put on some of my high heels and redo the take outside.


What is your favourite band or musician?

If I wanna dance like a crazy person I put on ‘So Lonely’ The Police, I don’t know what that means about me…

Can you describe the style of Kirstie Fleck?

I don’t think I have a specific style. On stage I just wear all black and generally the same outfit. Its neutral and makes it so I don’t have to think about what to wear, I’m not great at being bothered about what I wear. My shit kept being stolen off stage so I decided to keep it simple. 

How is touring with three others members that are like your brothers?

Its amazing to be able to travel the world with them now, they would always come home with amazing stories from incredible places and make me super jealous. 


What has been the place that has enchanted you the most?  

Mexico – Tulum, the sea was as hot as bath. We were there out of season so it was quiet and so relaxing. We were swimming in Cenotes, going to the Mayan runes, and avoiding crushing crabs on hired scooters that kept breaking down.

Which kind of food has been the best you have ever tasted from another country?

I’m obsessed with Mexican food, we spent time in Tulum earlier this year before our shows in Monterrey (Hellow Festival) and Mexico City. We found a little street food shack and had the most incredible tacos, I have dreams about them regularly, its quite weird. Also we all lived in East London in a predominantly Turkish area, so Turkish food has to be up there.

What do you like to do when you’re not on stage or recording? 

I love driving, we bought an old 1989 Porsche 944 a couple of years ago, so when we aren’t couped up in a van I try and get out in the car. I’m really interested in interiors and would love to renovate a house sometime soon.

Any dream or goal that you’d like to achieve in the future?

I would like to be able to speak more languages, it’s incredible the amount of people we have met that speak perfect English. I would like to feel as confident as they do with another language. I learnt the basics of French but not enough, in our defence though we can only just about speak English ourselves.


Besides music ¿What other artistic activities do you like to do?

We haven’t really had an huge amount of time off this year, and when you are home just relaxing is a priority. I’m a home maker, I like to make my home look and feel nice, so I usually end up doing lots of DIY and making bits of furniture. 

What are your top 5 songs of all time?

La Bionda – I Wanna Be Your Lover

The Walkmen – The Rat

Echo and The Bunny Men – The Killing Moon

The Police – Invisible Sun

TC Matic – Pitié pour lui

Do you a favorite music video, care to share it ?

 Connan Mockasin – Faking Jazz Together


Thanks, much love x


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